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Mountain Ridge

Mountain Bites ® Born from the climbing community in the Sierra de Santiago, NL, with the intention of raising awareness about the energy that your body can develop with proper nutrition. To do this, we develop snacks made with natural ingredients, designed to unlock our potential as adventurers and sports lovers.

Being a company made up of mountaineers, we are governed by three fundamental pillars.

1. Love for nature: For this reason, we only use natural ingredients that we obtain from small Mexican farmers, who take care of their land.

2. Conservation of the Mountains: Since we were born in the mountains, we have a special obligation to take care of it. For this reason, part of our profits are destined to the conservation and reforestation of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

3. Passion for sport: We know that an athlete is a person with a different mentality, who enjoys life and the feeling that comes from practicing a certain discipline, which is why we seek to create a community of athletes who are passionate about the sport they practice. We do this through our ambassador program.

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